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Overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt to achieve your goals may seem unattainable. Whether it is about making the right career decision, taking a leap into a different career path, having the right mind-set to stay focus on a path, or looking to boost your team morale to stay focus on a goal, we are here to help. Work with an experienced and passionate coach to help you take charge of your career and life.

Our mission is to inspire, train, and coach individuals to attain their highest potential.

Boost Your Motivation help people to find their passion and motivation to build their careers and personal lives. We provide affordable speaking and coaching services. Our clients receive individual attention from an experienced and passionate career coach. We break your goals down into achievable steps and help you turn your dream career into reality. Boost Your Motivation help people through their various life transitions to stay focus on their path.

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DOMINIC CAN HELP YOU MAKE YOUR NEXT LEADERSHIP EVENT OR CAREER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE A HUGE SUCCESS! Set up a consultation for individual or group services. We are suited to fit your unique needs and goals.

After graduating from university and seeing many of my friends quickly dive into successful careers, I felt stuck in the spot I was in career wise. I had my degree and interests, and knew that I would figure something out eventually, but I really needed something to get me going on the right track. Dominic recognized this and reached out to me, going out of his way to be that nudge in the right direction and provide the dose of motivation that I was in need of. In only two sessions, he helped me definitively choose a path, set some goals, tweak my resume, and offered plenty of professional advice from his own experience.
— Cameron Robert