Motivational Speaking 

Overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals and careers may seem unattainable. Whether it is about finding the strength to overcome a painful experience, taking a leap into a different career path, facing your worst fear, or having the courage to jump start your life, this inspirational presentation will provide attendees with the boost they need to move their life forward. This inspiring and self-empowering presentation will help attendees:

  • Confront and release their limiting beliefs

  • Use positive thinking to push through anything

  • Find their internal strength and drive to channel that in their lives

  • Stay focus on their path and goals

  • Harness the power to deal with loss and disappointments

Keynote Speaking Topic:

  • OVERCOMING ADVERSITY: Struggles are our bridges of growth. If you can embrace struggles, you can achieve almost anything in life. Most of us wish our problems disappear. The more we refuse to grow the more our problems shows up in other places of our lives. This presentation allows audiences to have the courage to transform their struggles into something meaning in their lives.


Career Coaching

Our holistic career coaching program blends personal development and career development. We dive into our client’s mind and soul to help them unwind to find their ultimate call in life. We also use conventional coaching tool and introspective approach to help individuals develop their career path and reach their highest potential. Our one-on-one career coaching service cover topics such as:

  • Finding your career path based on interest, skills, and goals.

  • Transitioning from a dead-end job to a meaningful career.

  • Developing a multi-path career plan to move up in your organization.

  • Sketching a successful profile that suit your career path.

  • Identifying training and education to fill in the gaps.

  • Setting SMART objectives with a result-driven action plans to achieve your career.

Our career coaching program offers an hour, one-on-one consulting for $130. We also have 3 months and 6 months packages that are reasonably priced.


Leadership Development

Our leadership development is design to boost moral and productivity. Through coaching and professional development, we help employees become purposefully driven individuals with leadership traits. This leadership presentation will help organizational leaders:

  • Become accountable for their own actions, choices, and work-related goals.

  • Recognize their value to the organization.

  • Confront workplace barriers and seek team solution to problems.

  • Understand their own internal drive and teamwork.

  • Maintain professionalism across-functions

We want employees to look forward to Mondays. Our ultimate goal is to help them lead the organization to a higher level. Our training program also promotes integrity, boosts morale, and creates purpose driven employees. Our starting fee is $1500 for 45 minutes to an hour long presentation.

I highly recommend Dominic Amegashitsi. He is always open to suggestions for constant improvement to be his best. Dominic is ready to set goals and knows how to achieve them. Dominic accepts challenges and meets them head on. He understands the importance of combining education with experience and expert advice. He appreciates the value of good coaching interactions. His well- crafted stories of adversity in Africa encourage us all to make the most of what we have and move further along our journeys.
— Recommendation from Mentor, Marlene Schoenberg of Accent Wisdom