Motivational Speaking 

We provide a dynamic and delightful speaking engagement to motivate, challenge and transform audience’s minds. We help audiences develop their internal strength to live a purposeful and meaningful life. Our motivational speeches are tailored towards the specific needs of each audience. Our content and messages are crafted to boost morale. Before our typical engagement, we use an assessment to gain insight about the audience and areas where they need to grow. Our speeches are designed with actionable activities to continuously engage audiences throughout the speech. The motivational program is offered at a reasonable price, and we charge $1500 for a speaking engagement. There will be additional charge for individual coaching and training.


Career Coaching

Our tailored, holistic career coaching program blends personal development and career development. We dive into our client’s mind and soul to help them unwind to find their ultimate call in life. We use conventional coaching tool and introspective approach to help individuals develop their career path and reach their highest potential. We help you set SMART objectives and a results-driven action plan to achieve your results. Career exploration, individual growth, need assessment, self-assessment, SMART goal setting and introspective examination are a few of the supports we provide. Through these processes, we are able to help clients become centered and leap into their career paths. We also review and critique resumes, advice you on how to write an effective cover letter and prepare for interviews. Our coaching program offers an hour, one-on-one consulting for $72 at a discount priced. We also have 3 months and 6 months packages that are reasonably priced as well as group packages. Schedule a consultation to get the one-on-one, tailored support you want now.


Leadership Development

Our leadership development is design to boost self-esteem and productivity. Through coaching and professional development, we help employees become purposefully driven individuals with leadership traits. We teach them to be accountable for their own actions, choices, and work-related goals. We recognize that employees are valuable assets to businesses and organizations. With the right support and training, they can be instrumental to the progress of the organization. We want employees to look forward to Mondays. Our ultimate goal is to help themselves to lead the organization to a higher level. Our training program also promotes integrity, boosts morale, and creates purpose driven employees. We charge $1500 for this training and provide a flexible payment plan as needed.

I highly recommend Dominic Amegashitsi. He is always open to suggestions for constant improvement to be his best. Dominic is ready to set goals and knows how to achieve them. Dominic accepts challenges and meets them head on. He understands the importance of combining education with experience and expert advice. He appreciates the value of good coaching interactions. His well- crafted stories of adversity in Africa encourage us all to make the most of what we have and move further along our journeys.
— Recommendation from Mentor, Marlene Schoenberg of Accent Wisdom