Dominic Amegashitsi is a keynote speaker for self-development and career advancement who uses a holistic approach to motivate and coach individuals to reach their full potential. He is a passionate and long-time advocate of individual development and a purpose-driven life. His passion for helping young adults find complete fulfillment in life was inspired by his own struggles and by mentoring international students for several years.

Born and raised in Ghana, Dominic grew up in a family of fifteen. His father owned a farm and raised sheep, goats, ducks, turkeys, and chickens but his parents struggled financially. As a young adult, he took his father’s almost-100 sheep out for grazing and lost them. He ran away from home but returned hours past midnight to confess to the family. Dominic acknowledged that this incident changed his life drastically because of the guilt of losing the family’s asset. Several years later, he lost his father to a stroke. He worked odds jobs to earn a living to take care of himself and his siblings.

In 2003, he accepted admission to Hamline University in St. Paul, MN and relocated to the United States. He struggled financially throughout college but managed to graduate in 2008 with a Communication degree. During college, he won several awards including a Certificate of Recognition by the McVay Youth Partnership Program and a Scholarship from the Religious and Spiritual Life Office, in recognition of his devotion, creativity and leadership skills.

Also at Hamline, Dominic embarked on a research project that drastically changed his views about career, a project that allowed him to listen to people talk about their career paths and life journeys. Through this project, he became comfortable questioning his own career path and leaning in a direction he was passionate about—helping people develop and grow. After graduating from Hamline, Dominic went on to earn a master’s degree in Training and Human Resources Development from University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Before starting his speaking business, Dominic spent 11 years in the corporate and non-profit sectors as Marketing Coordinator, Social Media and Database Consultant, Digital Coordinator, Residential Manager, Program Manager, and Sr. Quality Specialist. After a successful career of mentoring and helping international students adjust and discover their purpose in life, he now helps people of all ages to find complete fulfillment in life.

Colleagues and coaches have described Dominic as:

  • An inspiring and thoughtful person who is a problem solver

  • Very focused on helping others 

  • A model for others at any point along their career path

  • Having a deep understanding of cross-cultural issues 

  • Being a caring and compassionate person

  • Having great enthusiasm in his personal interactions

  • Being perceptive and humble


  • Master’s degree in Training and Human Resources Development from University of Wisconsin-Stout

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Hamline University

  • 4+ years mentoring and coaching

  • 4+ years in leadership and development